A medical case that went viral

A woman who was nine months pregnant discovered that her unborn child was inside her. The doctors decided to perform the surgery despite the fact that she was in the final 100 meters. After the surgery, the woman’s stomach was discovered

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When you see an insect in your home, how do you feel? With good reason, you probably just want to grab something and stomp on it right away. Some of them carry harmful chemicals and have the potential to sting you severely and even kill

We need to pray for Michael Douglas

Everyone was taken aback when they saw the most recent photographs of Michael Douglas, in which the actor can be seen sporting a strikingly different appearance compared to his previous appearances in public. In these photographs, the

Prayers are needed for Ellen DeGeneres

In a recent interview, Ellen DeGeneres spoke openly about the alleged sexual abuse she allegedly experienced as a teenager. DeGeneres claims her stepfather sexually raped her in an interview with David Letterman for the upcoming second